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Grow Great Lashes

Naturally, long, lush lashes to dramatically define your eyes, without fakes, even without mascara—our lash-enhancing serum promotes fuller lashes for natural lashes with a measurable difference. Amino acids and other high-tech ingredients are blended to stimulate luxuriant eyelashes, eyebrows too, when serum is applied daily. Easy to use—comb product through lashes with brush provided—and enjoy luxuriously long lashes!

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Master Your Manicure

Perfectly shaped, glossy nails are the ultimate fashion accessory. Now, the newest technologies take the perfect gel nail out of the salon, right to your fingertips! Our Nailuv gel nail is now simplified into a single step, with no base, bonder or anything else to slow down your gel mani at home. In literally seconds under the UV lamp, you’ve got a durable gel nail in an array of fashion colors that lasts up to two weeks.

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Firm Your Form

Want a sleeker, tighter tummy, tush, thighs, upper arms, without the ripples, lumps and bumps that make you dread bikini season? Smooth, taut curves can be your with our new lipo lotion and vibrating applicator. We call it our skin transformation and it’s the first lipo product to be registered by the Food and Drug Administration! Sometimes even diet and exercise can’t reverse that puckered, dimply “orange peel” skin at the back of the thigh and in other trouble-zones, but our new lipo transformation will make your bikini thank you!

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Get Your Glow On

Reveal the radiance of your skin with easy-to-use facial brushes, home micro-dermabrasion and acne-clearing technologies for a refined, polished glow. Getting skin super-clean, free of makeup residue and oil deposits is the first step

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How to repair damaged hair

It’s so much easier to damage our hair these days, with so many products designed to create different styles. If your hair has had a tough time lately though, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to give your hair life again, without waiting for it to grow out!   Argan ...

How to make your eyes look bigger

Looking to create a really vibrant look with eye makeup? It’s simpler than you might think. You can do so much by simply focusing on your eyelashes, framing your eyes so that look big and bold.  This can be achieved with a fantastic product from Measurable Difference. Among the extensive line is the Instant Lash ...

How to naturally remove makeup

So you’ve had a night out on the town with your friends, sporting your Measurable Difference Platinum Nights Eyeshadow, but you want to protect your skin by removing your makeup naturally? No problem! There’s a really simple way to remove your makeup without man-made chemicals, and which protects your skin and eyelashes from damage. Cucumber ...

3 Ways to Healthier Nails This Spring

Planning on showing off your nails this spring? Make sure they’re in tip top condition before you worry about what polishes and varnishes you’re going to be using! If you’re new to nail care, we’re here to help. These three simple tips will help you on the way to achieving naturally beautiful nails that are ...

What are the real Argon Oil Benefits?

Argon oil certainly isn’t the most popular ingredient for skin products, but it’s being used in more and more these days. It’s an incredible natural oil with seemingly infinite benefits for the hair and skin. I guess we’ll never quite know why it took so long to catch on, but you can rest assured that ...

Top Five Eyeshadow Colors for Spring

Spring has sprung (finally!), and it’s time to dig out those lighter, more summery colors – or invest in some of the hottest colors for this 2015 season. Luckily, Chrislie has a huge range of eyeshadow colors that are completely on trend, and they don’t break the bank either. Here are the top five eyeshadow ...

The Clueless Girls Guide to Lip Products

The Clueless Girls Guide to Lip Products Never quite got the hang of makeup? Never had anybody to teach you what you need to know? Don’t fret. All you need to do is learn each part separately and develop your skills over time. Let’s start with your lips! There are four primary lip products available ...

Top 5 Carrier Oils for Healthier Skin

Top 5 Carrier Oils for Healthier Skin               Carrier oils are used or mixing with other oils that might be too potent or strong for use on a certain part of the body. Your skin in particular is very sensitive to foreign substances and so if you’re planning on ...

Enhance Your Beauty and Looks with Chrislie

Get eyelash amplifying serums for longer-looking lashes & fuller-looking brows. Complete your favorite look with our popular Nailuv Gel nail polish kit from the comfort of your own home. Easily slim down with our body toning Lipo Lotion and reduce those wrinkles with our anti-aging wrinkle creams. When we wanted the absolutely best makeup products, the best solution was to do it ourselves. Each ingredient that goes into our makeup and hair products is carefully selected by our team of expert cosmetic scientists.