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Grow Great Lashes

Naturally, long, lush lashes to dramatically define your eyes, without fakes, even without mascara—our lash-enhancing serum promotes fuller lashes for natural lashes with a measurable difference. Amino acids and other high-tech ingredients are blended to stimulate luxuriant eyelashes, eyebrows too, when serum is applied daily. Easy to use—comb product through lashes with brush provided—and enjoy luxuriously long lashes!

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Master Your Manicure

Perfectly shaped, glossy nails are the ultimate fashion accessory. Now, the newest technologies take the perfect gel nail out of the salon, right to your fingertips! Our Nailuv gel nail is now simplified into a single step, with no base, bonder or anything else to slow down your gel mani at home. In literally seconds under the UV lamp, you’ve got a durable gel nail in an array of fashion colors that lasts up to two weeks.

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Firm Your Form

Want a sleeker, tighter tummy, tush, thighs, upper arms, without the ripples, lumps and bumps that make you dread bikini season? Smooth, taut curves can be your with our new lipo lotion and vibrating applicator. We call it our skin transformation and it’s the first lipo product to be registered by the Food and Drug Administration! Sometimes even diet and exercise can’t reverse that puckered, dimply “orange peel” skin at the back of the thigh and in other trouble-zones, but our new lipo transformation will make your bikini thank you!

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Get Your Glow On

Reveal the radiance of your skin with easy-to-use facial brushes, home micro-dermabrasion and acne-clearing technologies for a refined, polished glow. Getting skin super-clean, free of makeup residue and oil deposits is the first step

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4 Tipson Getting the Most Out of Your Eye Lash Curler

HEAT IT UP! To create a similar effect as the curling iron does for your hair, simply use your blow dryer to blow warm air on the surface of your curler. Before you put the curler to your eye, touch it to the back of your hand to ensure that it won’t burn you.   …

6 Tips To Help You Get the Perfect Smokey Eye!

From Sultry to natural,  creating a smoky eye can always create a fierce glam to your everyday look. That being said, follow these 6 simple steps below to achieve your favorite bold statement! Step One: Apply concealer underneath the eye and to the lid. This will serve as a great foundation for the eye shadow you’re going to …

How To Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Barely-there Look

For Fall 2015, many celebs have been toning it down to Barely There Makeup. Case in point, sassy media darling Jennifer Lawrence wowed audiences and makeup artists alike with her effortless yet dazzling look at the Spain world premiere of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’. It’s an enviable look for everyone, not just celebrities …

The Art Of Beauty Massaging

Being tired is inevitable, but it’s nothing less than heaven’s own delight if you are among those women who have had the pleasure of a nourishing full body beauty massage. Kicking off your heels from a long day, turning up some relaxing tunes and getting a much-needed shoulder massage would be an ideal way to …

The Importance of Cleansing and Toning Your Skin

Maintaining a clear complexion is the key ingredient to having a youthful-looking radiance. A gentle and smart routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing must be applied to your beauty regimen everyday in order to keep a glowly skin tone. In this day and age, it’s pretty common to skip out on the idea of using …

How To Get Gorgeous Looking Eyes Using Only Eyeshadow

“True Beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul” – Audrey Hepburn There’s an endless amount of ways you can spruce up your look, but one major way is through your eyes. They say that the eyes are the doorway to the soul, so why not dress up your eyes a little? Whether your …

Three Steps Guide For Picture Perfect Hair

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”- Harry Winston Remember that one girl next door, with her effortlessly chic style and gorgeous hair? Perfect salon-worthy hair. She’s the type of girl that embraces an all over natural beauty and flawless hair!   Much as we idolize and dream of being the girl next door, …

Essential Beauty Tips From The Celebs

We all want to steal the look of our favorite stars. There is always a burning desire to know what made them look spectacular at a certain award function or in a movie. We also possess similar attributes of one face, two eyes, one nose but certain beauty tips make them glam up in an …

Getting The ULTIMATE Lusty, Kissable Lips

There are tons of tips and tricks to making your lips fuller and dewy. Plump up your pout and give those lips a little TLC with these 14 tips on how to give your lips some va va voom! 1) Common Methods Lips can be kept soft naturally. Using a hint of coconut oil to …

Different Makeup Brushes That Glam Up Your Beauty Routine

Owning top-quality beauty products isn’t enough to glam up your look. You also need to have the right tools for makeup. There are separate brushes for different parts of the face. Trying to confuse their use will not give you the expected result. This is a conglomeration of how, when and where to use particular …

Enhance Your Beauty and Looks with Chrislie

Get eyelash amplifying serums for longer-looking lashes & fuller-looking brows. Complete your favorite look with our popular Nailuv Gel nail polish kit from the comfort of your own home. Easily slim down with our body toning Lipo Lotion and reduce those wrinkles with our anti-aging wrinkle creams. When we wanted the absolutely best makeup products, the best solution was to do it ourselves. Each ingredient that goes into our makeup and hair products is carefully selected by our team of expert cosmetic scientists.